Wachusett Mountain

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GEOSAP Standards Version: S1
Trail Borders: No
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From "Wachusett Night Skiing," Go Play New England Winter 2007/2008 issue:

  • Initial lighting was by West T-bar (3800'), West Trail, and Long John from half-way point downward. Next lighting was extended to the top of West Trail and Long John, along Oxbow T-bar (served steeper terrain), and beginner slope.
  • 1982: West T-bar replaced by fixed grip chairlift, cut Ralph's Run, Look Mom, Indian Summer, and Sundowner, widened and renamed Challenger and Hitchcock, added double chair for Indian Summer and Sundowner. Overhauled lights and snowmaking. Bought new groomers.
  • 1983: cut Smith-Walton and 10th Mountain to summit, cut lower half of Conifer Connection. Added a chairlift, improved snowmaking and lights.
  • 1984: extended Conifer Connection to summit with lights and snowmaking
  • 1994: HSQ "Polar Express" replaced summit triple
  • 1999: HSQ "Minuteman Express" replaced intermediate chair
  • 2003: Vickery Bowl opens (triple chair and 2 trails) with snowmaking and lights

Historical Trail Maps

Courtesy of TeachSki:
Mid/late 1980s:
Early 1990s:

Wachusett Mountain
Princeton, MA

Number of Reported Trails: 22
Reported Vertical Drop: 1000'
Reported trail acreage: 111
Reported miles of trails: 42
Reported Lift Capacity: 9200/hr


GEOSAP Total Acreage: #
GEOSAP Trail Acreage: #
GEOSAP Trail Mileage: #

Lift System

Total Lift Length: #
Total Lift Vertical: #
Total Lift Capacity: #


Total Trail Vertical: #
Average Pitch: #

Wachusett Images

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