Shawnee Peak

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GEOSAP Standards Version: S1.1
Trail Borders: No
Developer Comments: From the 2007/2008 online trail map. The author has not been to Shawnee Peak. Photo (as of 1/10/08) did not yet include the lower part of "Evergreen" and "Easy Turns." Maybe "Exit 48" should end earlier. The top of East Glades (as mapped) might really be allocated to another trail.

Historical Trail Maps


Shawnee Peak
Bridgton, ME

Number of Reported Trails: 44
Reported Vertical Drop: 1300'
Reported trail acreage: 239
Reported miles of trails: #
Reported Lift Capacity: 7,200/hr


GEOSAP Total Acreage: #
GEOSAP Trail Acreage: #
GEOSAP Trail Mileage: #

Lift System

Total Lift Length: #
Total Lift Vertical: #
Total Lift Capacity: #


Total Trail Vertical: #
Average Pitch: #


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