Mt. Abram

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GEOSAP Standards Version: S1.1
Trail Borders: No
Developer Comments: From the 2007/2008 online trail map, augmented by a trip on 12/29/07. In addition to "The Wall," which doesn't show on the trail map but is marked on the mountain, there is a trail called "Reagan ??" near the T-bar. The trails to the west of Boris Badenov are probably not all correct—it's kind of a maze over there, so it's difficult to tell which trail is which.

Historical Trail Maps

1970, courtesy of TeachSki:
1960s, courtesy of TeachSki:

Mt. Abram
Greenwood, ME

Number of Reported Trails: 44
Reported Vertical Drop: 1150'
Reported trail acreage: 250
Reported miles of trails: 31
Reported Lift Capacity: 2900/hr


GEOSAP Total Acreage: #
GEOSAP Trail Acreage: #
GEOSAP Trail Mileage: #

Lift System

Total Lift Length: #
Total Lift Vertical: #
Total Lift Capacity: #


Total Trail Vertical: #
Average Pitch: #


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