Moose Mountain

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GEOSAP Standards Version: S1.1
Trail Borders: No
Developer Comments: Accurate imagery, good trail map. Easy job. An interesting note on moose mountain:

Our lift consists of variable capacity turbo charged terrestrial trams. Busses with ski racks, in other words. It would take a high speed detachable chairlift to move you up the hill faster. The busses are warm and a lot of fun. Just sit down, loosen your boots, and chat with your friends as you stoke up for the next run. When the area gets busy we put more busses in the traffic pattern, so there is rarely a significant wait at the bottom.

-David Howland

Historical Trail Maps

Moose Mountain
Fairbanks, AK

Number of Reported Trails: 35
Reported Vertical Drop: 1307'
Reported trail acreage: 200
Reported miles of trails: -
Reported Lift Capacity: -/hr


GEOSAP Total Acreage: #
GEOSAP Trail Acreage: #
GEOSAP Trail Mileage: #

Lift System

Total Lift Length: #
Total Lift Vertical: #
Total Lift Capacity: #


Total Trail Vertical: #
Average Pitch: #

Moose Mountain Images

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