teachski.com maps

31 Jan 2008 03:34

I talked to LaurieP on Snowjournal, teachski is her site. She gave us permission to use her images as long as a credit is given. She also wants us to contact her if the image is credited to someone else. I'll place a blanket credit on the homepage and do my best to update credits on the images themselves. Easier to do now rather than later when there are a lot more of them.

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24 Jan 2008 21:21

What would you think of having a small gallery of images for each area that gets mapped? I'll try and work that into a copy of the template and see how it looks, but I think it would be a good idea. We could even make it user-submissable, too.

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"White Trails" Images

17 Jan 2008 04:17

We need to decide what we want to do about them. I like them alot, but they seem rather complicated to explain the creation of in the standards page and the submissions page. I could write up an explanation, but we don't want to make it too complicated for people to submit maps. My current opinion would be for us to go through submitted maps and add the "white trails" image later, but that might be a lot of work. Opinons?

we also need to decide on what we're going to call these pictures.

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Messed up .org

16 Jan 2008 01:18

The org. displays the page location alright now, but it gets stuck whenever I try to load a page other than the home page. It just gets in an endless reload loop. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

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Collapsible Text

11 Jan 2008 21:57

I was thinking about how we're gonna utilize the drop-down menu once we have more content. Check out this page:

Collapsible Test

We could have regions in the drop-down menu and then the region page could ahve collapsible state/province names.

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State pages

11 Jan 2008 14:25

I love the ski area templates—any chance we could get one for state pages as well?
It would be nice if it integrated the quikmap, but would stay zoomed to that particular state regardless of how the zoom level changed on the main page.

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The GEOSAP Theme

11 Jan 2008 04:01

Right now, I'm using the forum to test the new theme which I coded tonight. Eventually i'll split off a new category to use for testing the custom theme, but right now the forum is most convenient.

Currently, the only change to the custom theme from the Cappuccino Theme we were previously using is the addition of the loge and the larger text. What do you think about this theme? I'm gonna work on diverging it more from the Cappuccino Theme in the future to make our site identifiable. Any suggestions on that?

I also think that I'm going to keep the css category locked down to admins only, just because the code is very finicky.

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11 Jan 2008 00:56

For the week of March 10 to March 16, 2008

Maximum Daily Views: 801 on January 11
Maximum Unique Visitors: 106 on January 11
Maximum First Time Visitors: 92 on January 11
Maximum Returning Visitors: 23 on January 29

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suggestions for future standards

10 Jan 2008 15:28

I think we should further define how subfolders can be used to better organize areas. For example, on the Sunday River map I tried to break down the area into separate peaks. This can make it more difficult to find a trail you're looking for (especially for ones that are not clearly associated with one peak), but without it the trail list can become unwieldy. If this is permitted, should lifts be separated by peak as well?

Another case where I think subfolder organization might help is in managing trail boundaries vs. centerlines. When I want to turn trail boundaries on/off, I usually want to do it for all trails at once, and since they are not in a separate folder from the trail centerlines, which I usually leave on, it is a very tedious process. Is this view shared by others?

I think it goes without saying that planned expansions should be in a separate folder so they can be turned on/off with one click.

We also should consider whether/what kind of points of interest (lodges, bars, tourist attractions) should be allowed in the kmz files.

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10 Jan 2008 05:27

Andy, as of right now, when i click to download a KMZ, Firefox tries to parse it and I get a jumbled mess of crap. I have to right click>save link as in order to download a file. I put this info up on the front page. Is it the same for you on windows? I sent an email to wikidot support asking about this after checking the forums and seeing that it was the proper thing to do.

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New Areas Mapped

08 Jan 2008 17:03

Just finished Discovery Basin in Montana. Tricky map, with alot of bowls and chutes. Nice high-rez imagery though. Check it out on the Montana maps page.

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Areas in Progress

08 Jan 2008 03:26

I am currently working on mapping Bretton Woods and Wildcat in New Hampshire, and Discovery in Montana. Just so no one starts/completes any of those. Discovery will be done most likely by Wednesday and Bretts and Kitty sometime in the near future.

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Opening GEOSAP

07 Jan 2008 21:22


Post in the wikidot forum announcing the site and looking for new members. Feel free to spread the word.

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Page Rating

07 Jan 2008 18:32

In order to be able to rate the map uploads, at this point we'll need to make a page for each area, and have users rate the page using the GEOSAP rating system. If this is the system we're gonna be using, we need to split each download off into it's own page. I'm gonna look around for an easier system for rating, do you know of anything andy?

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Standards Version

06 Jan 2008 05:27

Considering that we are currently mapping and posting areas without a set-in-stone document to define out standards, I propose that we create a GEOSAP Standards 1.0 which will be the goal of our work on the standards page. When that page is done, we will post it as GEOSAP Standards 1.0. Any changes to the standards will be reflected in a revision page. When a map is posted, it should be marked as to what standards version it applies to. All work done now should be marked as GEOSAP Standards 0 to reflect the lack of a concrete standard which was followed.

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GEOSAP Domain name

05 Jan 2008 22:48

For the present, I have registered www.geosap.tk, but the site places a banner on the site. It's viewable now at www.geosap.tk. I think in the future we should consider paying a service like godaddy or similar to set up a domain forward. Continuing to host at wikidot makes sense, but a forward from www.geosap.com would be excellent. We could also monetize the site with Google Ads (wikidot makes this very easy) and that could be used to pay for the domain name. Opinions?

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03 Jan 2008 03:16

This seems like an independent, if not official, source for which green/blue we should use:
(click the green square then click "next" within the popup to see the blue square)

… it's pretty close to another site I found:

Trying to mimic the first one, I find RGB values of 0,150,0 gets close to the green, and 50,110,200 gets close to the blue. The black is obviously going to be 0,0,0.

Please provide opinions—once we make this decision it will be a *lot* of work to change.

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wiki visit statistics

03 Jan 2008 00:34

Does wikidot allow us to see reports about how people are using the site? I know the site isn't done, but I'm curious how many people are already downloading the maps we've created.

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31 Dec 2007 18:05

I think I'm going to hold off on generating new trail maps for now. Since it looks like you're working the standards section, I'll do some work toward getting a "proof of concept" statistics calculation working, or at the very least I'll do enough research to know exactly what we need help with.

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File organization

31 Dec 2007 04:47

I assume we'll start by providing one area at a time, but how many kmz "packages" of the trail maps should we eventually aim to create?

Is it important to be able to download them all at once, or state by state? Is there a way we can have the map on the start page include an interface to download?

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