Discovery Ski Area

KMZ Download Link:Discovery Ski Area, MT
GEOSAP Standards Version: S1
Trail Borders: Yes
Developer Comments: This was a fun area to map, with lots of terrain variation. Fortunately, the imagery was of very high quality, otherwise mapping the bowls and chutes would have been quite difficult. Just looking at some of those lines makes me want to hop on a plane and ski this place right now. - David Howland

Historical Trail Maps

Discovery Ski Area
Georgetown Lake, Montana

Number of Reported Trails: 63
Reported Vertical Drop: 1670'
Reported trail acreage: 614
Reported miles of trails: -
Reported Lift Capacity: 4300/hr


GEOSAP Total Acreage: #
GEOSAP Trail Acreage: #
GEOSAP Trail Mileage: #

Lift System

Total Lift Length: #
Total Lift Vertical: #
Total Lift Capacity: #


Total Trail Vertical: #
Average Pitch: #

Discovery Ski Area Images

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