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Please be sure to read the Submissions guide before creating pages for GEOSAP. Any errors in the standards set for the pages results in hours of work for the GEOSAP administrators.

Our mission is to provide downloadable Google Earth trail maps for all open ski areas. We also aim to develop software that will generate statistics based on the Google Earth trail maps. This data will allow us to compare the reported statistics for ski areas with the information provided by Google Earth. To join GEOSAP, click the link on the sidebar, or click here.

For a guide on how to map ski areas for GEOSAP, look at the GEOSAP Standards & Mapping Guide. Once you have mapped an area, read the Guide to Submitting Ski Areas to GEOSAP. The Sunday River page is an excellent example of what GEOSAP has to offer and how a submitted page should look.

In order to download a .kmz from GEOSAP, you must right-click on the link and select "Save Link As". The download will not work otherwise. We are working on finding a fix for this.

3/03/08: Chat feature is relaunched. The new page allows anyone to post comments to a shoutbox at any time, and for users who are online at the same time to chat with each other.

Locations of GEOSAP Mapped Areas

Click here for larger map.

All Historical Trail Maps are from the New England Lost Ski Areas Project and TeachSki unless otherwise noted. GEOSAP is not affiliated with Google, Inc. or any of it's products or services.

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